Robeco: Central Bank Watcher - Easing does it

Der Einfluss der Zentralbanken auf die Finanzmärkte

In our Central Bank Watcher, we examine the policy and actions of the major central banks to see how these will affect the macro outlook and financial markets going forward.

11.06.2019 | 13:57 Uhr

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Market expectations for central bank policy rates have come down substantially, following continued weakness in global economic conditions and the rift in the trade talks between the US and China. The market is now braced for central banks to pursue a more accommodative policy. We expect central banks to deliver. The RBA and RBNZ already cut rates and we expect the Fed to follow soon. If central banks don’t listen, the market will probably force their hand.

  • Fed: turning the corner
  • ECB: no final act from Draghi – yet
  • PBoC: going easier
  • BoJ: anxiously waiting

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