Morgan Stanley IM: Mining for a Greener Future

Morgan Stanley IM: Mining for a Greener Future

After two weeks of UN climate talks in Egypt, COP27 ended with little progress made on climate commitments and the ramping up of finance for emerging markets to transition away from fossil fuels.

23.11.2022 | 08:20 Uhr

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Given financial constraints in emerging markets, we believe mobilizing capital to climate solutions is key, but with emissions continuing to rise globally we are also looking at what decarbonization means in practice. We believe that corporates can play a more active role in driving decarbonization, especially where economic incentives already exist. For us, COP27 is a reminder that the real delta is about making progress, not lofty promises.

As investors, this suits us just fine. When it comes to evaluating our own portfolio’s carbon footprint, we focus on companies that have practical decarbonization pathways and will help drive real change in the emissions landscape over the next three to five years, in particular among our highest emitting companies. Overall, we believe that the “delta of change” is more meaningful than an absolute emissions target. We strive to identify companies that are moving in a positive direction and try to embed this in our investment approach and philosophy.

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