Growth slowing but precipitous drop unlikely

Although the current economic expansion is ageing (bringing us nearer to a recession) leading indicators do not indicate a sharp contraction. What could that mean for equity investors? Director of Research Carmel Wellso explains.

Asian dividend growth: mostly decoupled from global turbulence

Sat Duhra, Co-Manager of the Janus Henderson Asian Dividend Income Strategy along with Mike Kerley, explains why Asia is leading the way in dividend growth. Sat also identifies the best dividend-paying sectors and discusses the impact of ongoing US-China trade friction on portfolio positioning.

Volatility warrants caution in US high yield

In a period of falling interest rates, yield is valuable, and high yield therefore remains an attractive asset class. However, with increased interest rate volatility and uncertainty around economic growth, Portfolio Manager Seth Meyer says a cautious approach and a focus on strong company fundamentals are warranted.

Trade war tension: look past the noise to navigate uncertainty

Markets sold off sharply this week after a sudden escalation in the US-China trade war. George Maris, Co-Head of Equities – Americas, explains why the reaction was so severe and offers insight on how investors can navigate this period of uncertainty.

Digital technology: a revolution in customer engagement

Companies that have embraced technology to improve their productivity – and that of their customers – have a significant advantage over those companies that have stuck to their legacy business models and failed to innovate. In this video, portfolio manager Jeremiah Buckley explains why this differentiation between digital innovators and laggards creates opportunities for investors.

Dividend growth exceeding expectations

In this video update Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, examines recent market performance, discusses where he sees opportunities and risks for investors, assesses the impact of Brexit and US-China trade discussions, and provides his outlook for the rest of 2019.

European equities outlook: Does US market resilience bode well for Europe?

In this video, John Bennett, Director of European Equities at Janus Henderson, looks back at the first half of 2019, and considers his expectations for the performance of European equities for the remainder of the year. He also addresses why, in the ‘growth vs value’ story, he prefers to follow a more ‘blended’ approach to stock selection.

Fed gibt dem Markt, wonach er verlangt

In diesem Video-Update erläutern Nick Maroutsos, Co-Head of Global Bonds, und Jason England, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, warum sie die Entscheidung der US-Notenbank (Fed) für richtig halten, die bei ihrer letzten Sitzung vom 19. Juni auf eine Zinssenkung verzichtet hatte. Zudem gehen sie der Frage nach, was einen Zinsschritt nach unten im Juli rechtfertigen könnte.

M&A activity: a favoured prescription for biopharmaceutical companies

Andy Acker, a Portfolio Manager on the Global Life Sciences Team, discusses how large cap biopharmaceutical companies utilise M&A strategies to fill product pipelines and maintain steady cash flows.

Investment themes that matter - Market GPS discussion

In this video, Co-Head of Equities Alex Crooke, Global Head of Fixed Income Jim Cielinski and Global Head of Multi-Asset and Alternatives Michael Ho explore the key themes shaping the investment landscape for the second half of 2019. Aligning with the Janus Henderson Mid-Year Market GPS outlooks, the discussion assesses potential impacts and opportunities for investors in the months ahead.

Essentials: Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Equity strategy

This ‘Essentials’ video provides an introduction to the actively managed Pan European Equity strategy run by European specialist Jamie Ross.

Dovish central banks extend cycle: higher corporate credit allocation may be warranted

Portfolio Manager Mayur Saigal discusses the fixed income landscape and why a higher allocation to corporate credit may be warranted today versus 2018.

China may have upper hand in escalating trade war with US

In this video, Dr Ashwin Alankar, Head of Global Asset Allocation, discusses why China may have patience on its side in its escalating trade war with the US.

UK Absolute Return: is the tide turning?

In this video, Luke Newman, Investment Manager, discusses the opportunity he sees in UK domestic equities and why the tide may be changing for US companies. He also provides an update on the net exposure of the UK Absolute Return Strategy.

Hinter den Kulissen von Euro-Hochzinsanleihen

Tom Ross ist Co-Manager des Janus Henderson Horizon Euro High Yield Bond Fund. In diesem Video beschreibt er, wie das Team die Strategie verwaltet und welche besondere Rolle Analysten dabei spielen. Ferner beschäftigt er sich mit Ineffiz​ienzen, die das Team auf der Suche nach Renditen für seine Anleger versucht zu nutzen.

Positive outlook for dividends

In this video update Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, discusses where he sees risks and opportunities for income investors, and explains that while global dividend growth could moderate in 2019 it is still expected to be positive.

China’s disruptive internet companies

Richard Clode, Portfolio Manager on the Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, discusses his recent trip to Hong Kong, where he met with a number of Chinese internet companies.

China’s role on the global stage

Charlie Awdry, China equities portfolio manager, discusses how disruption is playing out in China and the potential disruptive impact of China on global markets going forward.

What's next for global equities?

In this video, Ashwin Alankar, Head of Global Asset Allocation, discusses how the outlook for global stocks has changed and why inflation could still be a risk in the US.

Europäische Hochzinsanleihen – Märkte im Fokus

Tom Ross, Corporate Credit Portfolio Manager, wirft angesichts der im Fluss befindlichen Zentralbankpolitik und widersprüchlicher Wirtschaftsdaten einen Blick auf die Marktbedingungen, denen Anleger in europäische High-Yield-Anleihen ausgesetzt sind.

Asian equities: drivers and opportunities

Andrew Gillan, Head of Asia ex Japan Equities at Janus Henderson Investors, discusses the reasons behind the recent rally in the region’s equity markets and the potential opportunities for investors over the long term.

China: more room to rally?

Charlie Awdry, China equities portfolio manager, discusses the drivers behind the recent rally in the Chinese equity markets, how the portfolio is positioned, and the potential for further strong performance in the coming months.

Global Technology: look beyond the volatility

In this video, Richard Clode, Portfolio Manager on the Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, discusses how the recent volatility in global equity markets should refocus investor attention on the importance of looking at the fundamentals of a business. In a recent trip to California, he met with technology companies that continue to benefit from long-term secular growth themes in the sector including cloud adoption, 5G and artificial intelligence (AI).

Strategic Fixed Income: early innings of a sovereign bond bull market?

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, shares her latest views on the bond markets, explaining what she sees as possibly the early innings for an intermediate, cyclical, sovereign bond bull market. In credit markets, the team remain defensive and very selective.

European equities: a growing watch list of opportunities

The valuation of the European market is relatively cheap when compared to last year (2018). I think that’s about as far as I’ll go when trying to value the overall level of the market, as it doesn’t really interest us.

Current market conditions - what is the data telling us?

Ashwin Alankar, Head of Global Asset Allocation, believes that data can tell us a lot about what is going on in the marketplace. In this video, he discusses what current data may be indicating for the wider market.

Einschätzungen zu Unternehmensanleihen

Die Wirtschaftsdaten enttäuschen, und die Zentralbanken rudern bei ihren in Aussicht gestellten Zinserhöhungen zurück. Tom Ross, Portfoliomanager (Unternehmensanleihen), erläutert, was das für die Unternehmensanleihemärkte bedeutet.

Immer mehr Anlagechancen in China

In diesem Video, aufgezeichnet bei der Janus Henderson 2019 UK Investment Conference, spricht der China-Aktienfondsmanager Charlie Awdry über den Konsum-Boom im Reich der Mitte und welche Chancen er Anlegern bietet.

Drei Schlüsselfaktoren für festverzinsliche Anlagen in 2019

Nick Maroutsos, Co-Head of Global Bonds, erläutert die Faktoren, die die Entscheidungen der Anleger 2019 aus seiner Sicht maßgeblich beeinflussen werden: US-Zinsen, Liquidität und die Politik der Zentralbanken rund um den Globus. Bei der Portfoliostrategie ist aus seiner Sicht eine Veränderung der Duration im Jahresverlauf wahrscheinlich.

Equities: Understanding market volatility, part 2

In the second video of a two-part series on volatility, George Maris, Co-Head of Equities - Americas, discusses finding long-term value when short-term trends and rising rates disrupt markets.

Digital Natives Come of Age

In this video, Richard Clode, Global Technology Portfolio Manager, talking at the Janus Henderson 2019 UK Investment Conference, describes how a convergence of technical trends and a digital generation ready to embrace change is likely to shape the future of companies. 

US Equities: innovation and competitive advantages

In this video update, Doug Rao, US equities portfolio manager, discusses the factors that he believes will shape the macro environment in 2019 and provides insight into the sustainable competitive advantages that he looks for in a company.

Global equities: Avoid short-term market ‘noise’

In this short video update, Portfolio Manager Steve Weeple explains why the UK-based Global Equities Team seeks to remove the harmful influence of short-term distractions and pressures. Instead, their focus is on high-quality and growing companies that are benefiting from long-term secular trends.

Inflation: is that it?

John Pattullo, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, discusses the range of factors, which in his opinion, indicate that current inflation is much more cyclical than structural.

Fresh focus on fundamentals

Jennifer James, Lead Analyst within the Emerging Markets (EM) Credit team, provides an overview of what is driving markets within EM. She explains why the oil price is often misunderstood, why a quieter political calendar in 2019 could see a fresh focus on fundamentals and the areas that the team is avoiding and favouring in the short term.

The politics of rising rates

Nick Maroutsos, Co-Head of Global Bonds, looks at the factors that are driving the credit cycle. He also explains why he believes the US Federal Reserve will want to avoid moving interest rates into restrictive territory and the strategies that can be adopted when investing in a rising rate environment. 

Flexibility in a low yield world

Andrew Mulliner, Portfolio Manager within Global Bonds believes that while there are factors indicating the move towards the end of the economic cycle, the conditions for the ‘end-cycle’ are still missing. Sharing his views on rising rates — not a global phenomenon — he expands on the flexibility of an unconstrained fixed income strategy. 

European video outlook: investor positioning will matter in 2019

I do think with markets and indeed stocks, I love how we feel the need to find a narrative to justify a move. I think 2018, as it comes to an end, is a really good example of that. As people look into 2019 it is all about trade wars, Trump and Italy and Brexit. But actually, I don’t think it is about that at all. I think these are convenient hooks and narratives. Far too much ink is wasted writing about that sort of stuff.

Strategic Fixed Income: visible signs of a late-cycle world

Co-Heads of Strategic Fixed Income, Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, share their views on the current markets, outlining the reasons why they see the global economy as definitively ‘late-cycle’ and explain why investors should be aware of narrative fallacies in the markets.

Perspectives on US high yield

In this video, Portfolio Manager Seth Meyer discusses the US high-yield fixed income market, including how it has changed compared with ten years ago and the current health of fundamentals and technicals within the sector.

Is Europe an undervalued prospect for long-term growth?

Tim Stevenson and James Ross, Co-Managers on the Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Equity Fund, reflect on the prospects for European equities in 2019, at a time of political uncertainty and slowing economic growth. Tim addresses his upcoming retirement, while James looks at the fund’s strategic positioning, in the search for high-quality/high-return businesses capable of generating higher returns in future.

Global equities: growth or value?

In this video update, Portfolio Manager Gordon Mackay discusses whether the Global Equities Team have been concerned by rising volatility and, with the ongoing debate of value versus growth, how the strategy they manage is positioned in terms of style.

Perspectives on the credit cycle

Tom Ross, credit portfolio manager, discusses what the end of the credit cycle might look like. He looks at opportunities amid spread widening, the potential risk of BBB downgrades and how the rise of dispersion is affecting different sectors and individual credits.

BBB securities: a reach for yield with long-term repercussions?

As investors seek higher returns following a long period of very low rates, issuers are taking advantage by issuing longer-term debt for lower-rated securities, notably in the BBB sector. In this video, Portfolio Managers Nick Maroutsos, Dan Siluk and Jason England discuss the risks presented by a large influx of BBB-rated securities.

Glen Finegan and Ian Tabberer, respectively Head of and Portfolio Manager on the Global Emerging Market Equities Team, believe that South Africa offers compelling long-term opportunities for investors focused on valuation.

Strategische Festzinsanlagen: Ende des Zyklus ... Sind wir schon da?

Endlich akzeptieren die Märkte, dass sich die Konjunktur in einer spätzyklischen Phase befinden. John Pattullo und Jenna Barnard, Co Heads of Strategic Fixed Income, erläutern ihre Überlegungen zu diesem Thema und die Risiken und Chancen, die sich daraus 2019 ergeben.

Technology sector and benchmark changes – what does it mean for investors?

With MSCI reclassifying Technology sector constituents at the end of November, Richard Clode, Alison Porter and Graeme Clark, portfolio managers in the UK-based Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, explain why the new index is not fit for purpose, what the change means for investors and the adjustment being made by the team at a benchmark level.​

Global markets offering attractive equity income opportunities

Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, believes that while disruptors threaten a number of established sectors, significant value opportunities exist, with many good-quality companies offering compelling dividend yields.

Ein flexibler Ansatz für divergierende Märkte

Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, erklärt, warum er der Ansicht ist, dass ein flexibler Ansatz für festverzinsliche Wertpapiere in unterschiedlichen Märkten wertvoll sein kann.

Smart devices in diabetes: improving clinical outcomes and enhancing lifestyle

Janus Henderson Client Portfolio Manager and type 1 diabetic Jen Nichols describes how new smart medical technology has helped her to train for and compete in ultra-marathons. Global Life Sciences Portfolio Manager Ethan Lovell discusses the opportunities that breakthrough medical devices present to investors.

Essentials: Global Sustainable Equity

In this Essentials video, meet Janus Henderson’s Global Sustainable Equity team. Portfolio Manager Hamish Chamberlayne and the team introduce the key differentiators of the strategy, the overarching megatrends that influence their investment approach and the importance of investing through the lens of sustainability.

China: Die nächste Welle der Tech-Disruptoren

Chinesische Unternehmen stellen den Technologiemarkt auch weiterhin auf den Kopf. In diesem Video berichtet Richard Clode, Portfoliomanager im Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, über seine Reise nach China, bei der er die nächste Generation der Disruptoren in der Technologiebranche besuchte.

Welle der Disruption: Gentherapie mehr als nur ein Hoffnungsschimmer

Unser Verständnis der genetischen Ursachen von Krankheiten hat ein kritisches Stadium erreicht und versetzt uns nun in die Lage, Heilmittel für eine Vielzahl seltener genetischer Erkrankungen zu entwickeln, sagt Global Life Sciences Co-Portfoliomanager, Andy Acker.

Strategische Festzinsanlagen: Mehrere Stressfaktoren brauen sich zusammen

Eine ungute Kombination von Faktoren erzeugt derzeit eine typische spätzyklische Stimmung an den Märkten. In einer für Anleihemanager schwierigen Zeit entwirrt John Pattullo, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, die komplexen Rahmenbedingungen und erläutert seine Einschätzungen.

Was bedeuten die anhaltenden Zinsunterschiede für die Anleihemärkte?

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, erklärt, warum die beharrliche Zinsdivergenz auch weiterhin im Zentrum der Überlegungen des Teams steht.

China: the next wave of tech disruptors

Chinese companies continue to disrupt the technology market. In this video, Richard Clode, Portfolio Manager on the Janus Henderson Global Technology team, discusses his recent trip to China where he met the next wave of disruptors in the sector.

Opportunities in a bifurcated market

Watch George Maris, Co-Head of Equities – Americas, as he talks to Bloomberg TV about recent volatility and where he continues to see opportunities in global markets.

Currents of disruption: gene therapy offers rare hope

Our understanding of the genetic causes of disease has reached a critical stage, putting us on the cusp of being able to develop functional cures for a large number of rare genetic disorders, says Global Life Sciences Co-Portfolio Manager, Andy Acker.

The Chinese disruption paradox

Innovative internet companies are highly disruptive and increasingly dominant within the Chinese economy but they are regulated by the Communist Party, which perceives disruption to be a threat to the status quo. In this video update, Charlie Awdry discusses the interesting implications of this dynamic for investing in China.

Europe’s value & income opportunity

In this video update Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income (GEI), discusses the reasons behind the divergence in global equity markets, the impact this has had on equity income investors and where he sees value in the markets and opportunities for dividend growth.

Chancen von Absolute Return: Themenfragen

Dan Siluk, Co-Manager des Janus Henderson Absolute Return Income Fund, widmet sich einer Reihe von Themen an den Anleihemärkten, darunter Fragen zu Australien, BBB-Anleihen und Kurvenpositionierung.

Strategic Fixed Income: concoction of stress factors

An unhealthy concoction of factors are creating a classically late-cycle feel in the markets. In a challenging time for bond managers, John Pattullo, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, simplifies the conundrums and shares his views.

Why should investors still consider Europe?

In this video update, Alex Crooke, Co-Head of Equities, provides a broad overview of global equity markets and reflects on the chances of markets rebalancing following significant US market outperformance. Alex also examines some of the issues facing Europe, including Brexit, and why equity investors should still consider the region. 

Currency catalysts

Chris Diaz, Co-Head of Global Bonds, sees opportunity for certain currencies to recover over the next three to 12 months on a likelihood that central banks will raise interest rates to control growth and inflation.

Sustainability as an investment strategy

Hamish Chamberlayne will discuss why a global investment strategy based on sustainability could add value to investor portfolios while also providing diversification benefits. With powerful environmental and social megatrends pressuring the global economy, investing through a lens of sustainability has the potential to protect portfolios from disruption and lead to better investment outcomes.

Nachhaltigkeit als Anlagestrategie

Hamish Chamberlayne erklärt, warum eine auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgerichtete globale Anlagestrategie einen Mehrwert für Anlegerportfolios darstellen und gleichzeitig Diversifikationsvorteile bieten kann. Angesichts der starken ökologischen und sozialen Megatrends, die die Weltwirtschaft unter Druck setzen, können Investitionen, die auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgerichtet sind, das Portfolio vor Störungen schützen und zu besseren Investitionsergebnissen führen.

How will ongoing interest rate divergence impact bond markets?

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, explains how the persistence of interest rate divergence remains central to the team’s thinking on the outlook for the bond markets.

WeWork – a marriage made in heaven?

‘Real Matters’ provides the latest insights and thoughts from the Janus Henderson Global Property Equities Team. In the second article in the series, Tim Gibson and Guy Barnard, Co-Heads of Global Property Equities, explore WeWork, the flexible office space provider, and discuss the company’s role as both a landlord and a tenant from a real estate perspective. Tim also provides a video summary.

Essentials: Total Return Bond Strategy

In this ‘Essentials’ video, Andrew Mulliner and Ryan Myerberg, portfolio managers within Global Bonds, outline the key features of the Total Return Bond strategy. The strategy utilises a broad global opportunity set, leveraging the Janus Henderson fixed income expertise through an unconstrained, non-benchmarked asset allocation process.

Investing amid the noise of trade wars

Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income at Janus Henderson, explains that diversifying among sectors, regions and currencies is crucial in order to weather the storm of trade wars.

Global Life Sciences: long-term tailwinds in focus

In this outlook video, Ethan Lovell, Co-Portfolio Manager for the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Strategy​, explains that scrutiny over drug costs has led to recent volatility in healthcare stocks. The longer-term picture, however, is very encouraging with the sector making dramatic leaps in advanced medicines such as immunotherapy, which provides potentially significant market opportunities.

Global Tech: the importance of navigating the hype cycle

Graeme Clark, portfolio manager in Janus Henderson’s Global Technology Team, discusses the significance of understanding and analysing where a company sits on the hype cycle when investing in tech for the long term, and how this forms an integral part of the team’s investment process.

Beyond politics: global opportunities in equity income

With political wrangling influencing expectations, Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, discusses its effect on various sectors and investing styles in a short video update. Ben interprets the impacts to dividend-paying stocks and where his team continues to see opportunities.

Video: an expert's view on China

Expert China author and businessman, Tim Clissold, explains why it is essential for investors considering an allocation to China to look at risk in a very specific way. Tim explores the history that has shaped the opportunity-set in China and the current drivers for foreign investment into the region. In this context, he also explains why investors should not expect economic evolution in China to follow the path of Western markets and why very different approaches to corporate governance exist.

Strategic Fixed Income — the turn of the global liquidity cycle

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, explains how the team have viewed the bond markets through the prism of interest rate divergence for a number of years now.

EM Equities: on the road in India

In this video update, Stephen Deane, Portfolio Manager on the Global Emerging Market Equities Team, discusses findings from a recent research trip to India. Stephen highlights the country’s overall optimism, the ongoing requirement for investment in infrastructure, the effects of demonetisation and where the team are finding investment opportunities.

Dynamics driving dividend-paying sectors

In this video update, Alex Crooke, Co-Head of Equities and portfolio manager on the Global Equity Income Team, reflects on the likely impact of US tax reforms, potential trade wars and his expectations for the remainder of 2018.

No change: China consumer still going strong

In this video, Charlie Awdry, China equities manager, discusses the impact of China A-shares’ inclusion into MSCI equity indices. Having recently returned from a research trip to China, he has observed continued strength in consumer demand and is looking to take advantage of elevated volatility in emerging markets to selectively add to positions.

Strategic Fixed Income: Steht in Sachen Inflation ein Paradigmenwechsel bevor? Nein.

Strategic Fixed Income: Steht in Sachen Inflation ein Paradigmenwechsel bevor? Nein.
Strategic Fixed Income: Steht in Sachen Inflation ein Paradigmenwechsel bevor? Nein.

In diesem Video erklären die Co-Leiter des Strategic Fixed Income Fonds, John Pattullo und Jenna Barnard, wie sie die Folgen steigender Inflationserwartungen in Industrieländern bewerten und ob sich die höhere Inflation etablieren wird. Für die Industrieländer gehen die Marktteilnehmer allgemein von höherer Inflation aus. Dennoch rechnet das Anlageteam in den kommenden Monaten mit interessanten Anlagechancen an den Staatsanleihemärkten.

The outlook for drug pricing in the US

President Trump recently gave a speech outlining his plans to lower drug prices and improve access to prescription drugs to American citizens in the US. In this video Ethan Lovell, co-manager of the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Strategy, discusses the possible short- and long-term impacts of Trump’s proposals.

Strategic Fixed Income: disruptive technology and the bond angle

Having attended a recent disruptive technology conference, Rebecca Young, Portfolio Manager within the Strategic Fixed Income Team, picks out the most interesting start-up businesses and explains why it is imperative that bond fund managers pay attention to the evolving risks.

Global Life Sciences: Unser Ansatz bei der Suche nach innovativen Unternehmen im Bereich Krebstherapie

Folgen Sie Global Life Sciences Portfoliomanager Andy Acker und Research Analyst Dan Lyons bei ihrem Besuch von Biotechnologieunternehmen, die innovative Plattformen betreiben, um neue Therapien für weitverbreitete Krankheiten wie Krebs zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Global equities: rising demand, capacity constraints create opportunity for industrials

George Maris, Co-Global Head of Equities – Americas and Portfolio Manager, says suppliers of commodity goods are in a position to exert pricing power after stripping out capacity and excess costs in the decade since the Great Financial Crisis.

Higher dividends support case for US large-cap growth

How strong is dividend growth in the US large-cap universe?

We believe that in 2018, dividend growth will still be in the high single digits, approaching 10%. A number of factors will help companies continue to grow cash flows, including tax reform, but...

Has market volatility impacted global dividend growth expectations?

In this video update Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, discusses the reasons behind the market rotation in a ‘fascinating’ Q1 2018, whether recent volatility has affected dividend growth expectations and examines the outlook for global equity income investors.

Global Life Sciences: our approach to seeking innovators in cancer therapy

Follow Global Life Sciences Portfolio Manager Andy Acker and Research Analyst Dan Lyons as they visit biotechnology companies pursuing innovative platforms in which to provide new therapies for major diseases such as cancer.

Value perspective: what do investors get when they buy Europe?

In this video update, European equities manager Nick Sheridan gives his thoughts on what investors should be looking at when considering an investment in European equities, and why he believes that higher volatility provides an opportunity for value-focused investors.

Is higher volatility a boost for quality growth in Europe?

Tim Stevenson and James Ross, Co-Managers of the Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Equity Fund, look at the impact of cyclicality on quality growth strategies, assessing some recent economic indicators, and turn their thoughts to what higher market volatility might mean for exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Essentials: a 'balanced' US equity and bond strategy

This video provides an introduction to the actively managed US equity and fixed income strategy run by equity specialists Marc Pinto and Jeremiah Buckley, and fixed income experts Darrell Watters and Mayur Saigal.

UK Absolute Return: ‘Normalisation’ to create opportunities in Europe

In this video, Luke Newman, Co-Manager of the UK Absolute Return strategy, discusses what he considers to be the key factors when investing in Europe. He also highlights the opportunities that lie beyond the region.

Options market favours US large caps

In this video, Dr. Ashwin Alankar, Global Head of Asset Allocation and Risk Management at Janus Henderson, discusses the reasons – including fiscal stimulus and dollar weakness – why option market signals are showing a strong preference for US large-cap equities.

What does a rising rate environment mean for European stock pickers?

European equities manager Simon Rowe gives his views on the potential for higher interests rates and the impact of exchange rate movements in Europe, outlining where he is finding the most interesting opportunities for his mid-cap biased European growth strategy.

Internal change - the catalyst for value in European smaller caps

Ollie Beckett, Associate Director of Pan European Smaller Companies at Janus Henderson, gives a quick view on what factors investors should keep in mind when considering European equities at present, and where he is finding the best opportunities.

Disruption und beschleunigte technologische Innovationen: Risiken und Chancen

Richard Clode, Portfoliomanager im Global Technology Team, erläutert, warum die Lebensdauer von Blue Chips sinken kann, wenn sie nicht mit Innovationen und neuen Technologien Schritt halten. Überdies erklärt er die Gründe für das beschleunigte Tempo der technologischen Disruption...

Intech: harnessing volatility

In this video, Adrian Banner, CEO and CIO of Intech, talks to Bloomberg TV about his team’s proprietary equity stress monitor. He discusses the metrics used to analyse volatility and why amplified levels can provide a good source of reward for those harnessing it in a disciplined way.

Four tech mega themes disrupting everything

In this video Denny Fish, Portfolio Manager on the US-based Technology Team, discusses why active investors are well positioned to benefit from the mega themes that are driving long-term innovation in technology. These themes defined by the team are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and mobility.

Technology disruption and acceleration: risks and opportunities

In this video, Richard Clode, portfolio manager within the Global Technology Team, discusses how not keeping up with innovation and new technology may be shortening the lifespan of ‘blue chip’ stocks, as well as the key reasons why technology disruption is accelerating...

Options show a polarisation in the outlook for global equities

Dr. Ashwin Alankar, Global Head of Asset Allocation and Risk Management at Janus Henderson, discusses with Bloomberg TV why signals from the options market show a distinct preference for US stocks over Emerging Market, European and Japanese equities.

Bill Gross video: Where next? Interpreting latest data reads (March 2018)

In this video, Bill Gross, fixed income portfolio manager, speaks to Bloomberg Surveillance about the latest US payroll figures, discussing the outlook for risk assets, the pace of US Federal Reserve rate hikes and the dilemma facing central banks.

What now for global equity income investors?

In this video update Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, assesses markets from an income perspective, identifies where the team is finding the best opportunities and examines the outlook for dividend growth.

Why did global dividends reach a record $1.252tn in 2017?

Ben Lofthouse, Head of Global Equity Income, speaks to Bloomberg TV about the key findings from the latest Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index (JHGDI), a long-term study of global dividend trends based in US dollars.

‘Supercharged’ markets to give way to volatility?

In this video, Nick Watson, portfolio manager with Janus Henderson’s UK-based Multi-Asset Team, gives his take on 2018’s market movements. He discusses portfolio positioning and his outlook for different assets given the prospect of rising interest rates and the potential for increased market volatility.

On the road: Fragen kompetent beantwortet

In diesem Video beantwortet Portfoliomanager Nick Maroutsos einige der ihm von Anlegern auf seiner jüngsten Roadshow durch Europa häufig gestellten Fragen. Seine Antworten sind insbesondere für die Absolute Return Income Strategie und die Global Unconstrained Bond Strategie relevant.

Global equities: is cash still king?

In this video update, Gordon Mackay, Portfolio Manager on the UK-based Global Equities Team, explains that while cash still dominates when it comes to global payments, a number of companies are well placed to benefit from the growing trend away from cash to paperless payments....

Global equities: our approach to market unpredictability

In this short video update, Portfolio Manager Steve Weeple explains that rather than being influenced by unpredictable short-term news flow and market moves, the UK-based Global Equities Team’s focus is on high-quality companies that are well placed to benefit from more predictable long-term societal and demographic trends.

Strategic Fixed Income — let’s talk inflation

Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income at Janus Henderson, Jenna Barnard, explains how many investors are convinced of a regime shift in inflation and the impact it has had in the bond markets. However, the Strategic Fixed Income Team, while respectful of the ...

US tax reform set to propel M&A in healthcare

The recent US tax reforms have opened the doors to increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity among large US healthcare companies, many of whom have indicated that they are in the market to buy. 

Active and passive investing – all in the blend

Janus Henderson Co-CEO Dick Weil talks to Bloomberg TV about the benefits of combining an active and passive approach to investing. He also provides his view on the risk of crowded trades, the scope for interest rate rises, and taking advantage of growth in the Chinese market.

Dispelling the myths of sustainable investment

In this video presentation, Hamish Chamberlayne, Portfolio Manager within Janus Henderson's Global Sustainable and Responsible Investment Team, dispels the major myths about sustainable investment. He explains how environmental and social megatrends will accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy and discusses ...

Bill Gross Video: Wohin geht die Reise? Interpretation der neusten Daten (Februar 2018)

In diesem Video diskutiert der Anleihemanager Bill Gross mit Bloomberg Surveillance über die neusten Arbeitsmarktzahlen aus den USA. Neben den Faktoren, die die Fed zu weiteren Zinserhöhungen veranlassen könnten, erläutert er auch, wie sich Realzinsen und Renditekurve seines Erachtens weiter entwickeln werden.

Could mean reversion benefit European value?

John Bennett, Head of European Equities at Janus Henderson, gives his views on what investors should be considering in 2018, discussing the implications of the current macro environment on European equities.

Why are investors returning to Asia for growth?

In this video update, Andrew Gillan, Head of Asia ex Japan Equities and Co-Manager of the Janus Henderson Asian Growth Strategy, provides his views on why investors are beginning to increase their allocation to Asian equities, and outlines the opportunities and challenges for the asset class. 

Essentials: the Total Return Bond strategy

In this ‘Essentials’ video, Phil Apel and Andrew Mulliner, portfolio managers within the Fixed Income Investment Strategy Group (ISG), outline the key features of the Total Return Bond strategy, including its ‘strength in depth’ team approach that blends top-down asset allocation with bottom-up security selection. 

Essentials: the Absolute Return Income strategy

In this Essentials video, Nick Maroutsos and Dan Siluk, Co-Managers of the Janus Henderson Absolute Return Income Strategy, explain the emphasis on risk management and low volatility. They explain what drives returns in the strategy, including being able to target opportunities globally to look for...

Essentials: the Global Unconstrained Bond strategy

In this Essentials video, portfolio manager Nick Maroutsos explores how the Global Unconstrained Bond strategy which is lead managed by Bill Gross, seeks to generate returns and why an unconstrained active fixed income approach should prove helpful in exploiting different economic conditions and market cycles.

Bill Gross video: Where next? Interpreting latest data reads (January 2018)

In this video Bill Gross, fixed income portfolio manager, speaks to Bloomberg Surveillance about the latest US payroll figures, discussing factors dampening wage growth and other subjects such as the shape of the US yield curve and high yield valuations.