07.10.2016 | 16:23

BNP Paribas: What the U.S. Elections mean for Global Financial Markets

As the political season in the U.S. reaches a fever pitch and voters prepare to cast their ballots on November 8, the world eagerly waits to see who will emerge victorious in one of the most closely watched political contests of the modern era.

With plenty of surprises along the way, polls indicate a closely fought presidential race, leaving many to consider the impact that each candidate could have on both the U.S. and the broader international economy.

Very few areas stand to feel the effects of the ongoing speculation more than global financial markets, particularly as each candidate continues to articulate their respective platform. To help provide more clarity on the possible consequences of each outcome, three members of our investment staff answer key questions about how markets and investors could potentially react and identify other factors worthy of consideration.

Lesen Sie das komplette Roundtable-Gespräch mit Investmentspezialist Steven Friedman, US-Analyst Eric McLaughlin und Anleihen-Experte Ken O’Donnell.