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  • UBS: Investors overlook fundamentals as sentiment plummets

    10.02.2016 | 10:28

    UBS: Investors overlook fundamentals as sentiment plummets

    The market turmoil of January, much of which was characterized by asset prices being determined by non-fundamental factors and risk assets selling off in concert, serves to emphasize the importance of holding a range of diversifying trades in portfolios.

  • UBS: A tale of two surveys

    09.02.2016 | 09:26

    UBS: A tale of two surveys

    Anybody hoping that the latest batch of economic data will provide a clear insight into the state of the US economy could find themselves sorely disappointed. The Fed may have declared that any future moves in interest rates will be data dependent, but with the data supporting both the hawks and the doves, debate among members of the FOMC could well be lively.

  • UBS: Kopf oder Bauch

    05.02.2016 | 11:44

    UBS: Kopf oder Bauch

    Acht von zehn Anlegern glauben, dass die Konjunkturerholung die Erwartungen erfüllt oder übertroffen hat, doch sie halten sich infolge der Finanzkrise mit Anlagen weiterhin zurück.

  • UBS: A slowdown, not a recession

    05.02.2016 | 08:58

    UBS: A slowdown, not a recession

    Recent economic data has been generally disappointing, both in the US and other countries. Since nearterm improvement appears unlikely, UBS Investment Research has reduced this year’s economic growth forecast for the US to 1.5% from 2.8%.

  • UBS: Mainstreaming impact investing

    03.02.2016 | 09:50

    UBS: Mainstreaming impact investing

    One year ago, our Sustainable Investors Team was introduced to a large European fiduciary manager who had a specific request on behalf of one of their major pension fund clients. They wanted to create a bespoke global equities portfolio that would generate strong financial performance and report on the social impact of four categories: climate change, water, health and food security. Here our answer.

  • UBS: Positively negative

    02.02.2016 | 11:38

    UBS: Positively negative

    In an apparent volte face, the Bank of Japan introduced negative interest rates, much to the surprise of the markets.The market reaction was much stronger than the reaction to the ECB's introduction of negative rates. It was also more widespread, suggesting that markets might be now expecting a dovish reaction by the ECB and the Federal reserve.

  • UBS: In focus

    29.01.2016 | 12:30

    UBS: In focus

    Deeper dive: The petro tipping point - How falling oil became bad news for global markets. Regional view: Buy low, sell low?

  • UBS: ECB raises hopes of further monetary easing but sentiment remains fragile

    29.01.2016 | 09:01

    UBS: ECB raises hopes of further monetary easing but sentiment remains fragile

    Global investor sentiment remains fragile, but ECB president Draghi delivers some respite by signalling further monetary easing ahead. Oil and other commodity price weakness, uncertainty about Chinese economic and financial market developments and the behavior of market participants continue to weigh on risk appetite.

  • UBS: Slippery slope

    26.01.2016 | 09:47

    UBS: Slippery slope

    Should lower oil prices be considered bad news for equity markets and the economy? If the drop in the oil price is a symptom of weak global economic activity, then it is indeed bad news. But if it reflects an increase in supply, then it should be good news for everyone except oil producers.

  • UBS: No Hard Landing for China

    22.01.2016 | 10:08

    UBS: No Hard Landing for China

    UBS House View: "Global uncertainty has risen in recent months and we recommend a neutral allocation to global equities. Still, we believe Eurozone companies are best positioned to benefit from a continued domestic recovery."