Fonds im Fokus


09.06.2017 | 09:54

UBS: Research Expresso - UK Election, Bookmakers and Real Estate

Der UBS Research Espresso stellt für Sie ausgewählte Beiträge zu aktuellen wirtschaftlichen Themen zusammen. Heute im Fokus: viele Facetten der anstehenden Parlamentswahl in Großbritannien und die Geldpolitik der EZB.

Election focus

Losing means losing (Paul Donovan) Audio Comment
The UK result is unlikely to provide strong and stable leadership. There is a risk of Eurosceptics gaining more influence. Expectations of a further election before the end of the Parliament must be high. In Scotland, a poor result for the Scottish Nationalist Party will raise questions about the mooted independence referendum.

UK heads for hung Parliament and lengthy limbo (John Wraith) Full Report
A hung parliament raises political and economic uncertainty, but don't chase short term sterling weakness as the market may reassess Brexit risks.

UK Conservative Party loses majority (Mark Haefele) Full Report
This sends the UK into a period of political uncertainty at a time when Brexit negotiations are about to begin. We believe the Conservatives are ultimately likely to be able to form a minority government, but they have been severely weakened by the vote.

UK Election: May's gamble backfires (Dean Turner) Full Report
Markets have been positioning for a Conservative victory in the days running up to the vote. We believe that an end of the political status quo will spook investors in the short term.

What does the General Election result mean for the Travel & Leisure sector? (Chris Stevens) Full Report
We share our high level thoughts on how the General Election result could impact Travel & Leisure stocks. We see £2 FOBT limit as the biggest risk for bookies.

ECB focus

ECB: On track for policy normalisation (Reinhard Cluse) Full Report
The ECB dropped the interest rate easing bias and upgraded the economic outlook today. We expect this to lead to a tapering decision on 7 September.